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Wisdom of the Body

Sep 10, 2020

Author and Ayurvedic practitioner Susan Weis-Bohlen loves to teach people about the Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle. Many of us didn’t learn to eat well when we were younger, but Susan shows how it’s possible to overcome our conditioning by making small changes that lead to huge lifestyle benefits.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The difference between a physical craving and an emotional craving, and what you can do when you get overtaken by an emotional craving
  • Being ready to meet the love of your life
  • How she became Oprah Winfrey’s intern during high school
  • How seasonal changes affect the doshas (including what a dosha is!), and what you can do to balance your body
  • Ayurvedic practices that are generally safe for anyone to try, even if they don’t know their dosha