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Wisdom of the Body

Jun 11, 2021

Listen to Dave discuss with Heather the balance between efficacy and safety in pharmaceuticals. Join a conversation about how drugs target certain mechanisms of the body and why we often experience side effects. Learn about how complex nature is compared to chemistry done in a lab, and gain a better understanding of what really goes into making medicine today.

In this episode, Heather and Dave discuss:

  • Why pharmaceuticals sometimes work to poison and fool the body
  • How to determine when side effects are worth it
  • Altering cells to increase longevity
  • Aging, cells and tissues
  • Senescence and mitophagy
  • How hormones can be falsely raised or lowered through drugs
  • Whether you really want to take drugs that build the body as you age
  • Testosterone and estrogen
  • How to explain the process of making drugs to a 5 year old
  • How pharmacology grew out of indigenous medicines in the universities during the enlightenment, when there was a movement away from the religious/spiritual traditions of the time toward proven experimentation.
  • Drug making methods
  • The cost of drug development
  • Clinical trials and drug testing
  • Why drugs sometimes get taken off the market even after testing
  • FDA standards recently being made less stringent
  • Why only 1 in 10 drugs succeed 

Dave is a pharmacologist and biomedical scientist, whose training and inspiration for getting into the field was from an early pioneer in the field who came from Scotland and spent time in the Amazon with indigenous people. 

Heather Grzych is the author of The Ayurvedic Guide to Fertility and the host of the Wisdom of the Body podcast. A board-certified Ayurvedic practitioner, she bridges the worlds of conventional and alternative medicine to help women and men heal their physical and emotional lives. Heather is on the board of directors for the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) and has consulted with doctors, governments, and insurance companies. She offers virtual consultations and programs worldwide.  

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