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Wisdom of the Body

Jan 2, 2023

Get up close and personal with Ayurvedic authors Heather Grzych and Kate O’Donnell, as they discuss how we view and approach aging, and the changes that women in their 40s start experiencing. Heather and Kate discuss how the collective US population is getting older because people are having fewer children and living longer, and what that means for our wellness goals. They discuss exercise habits, sleep challenges, aging parents, elder care, how to find healthy role models in their 70s, and why we aren’t having more conversations about how to die well.

In this episode, Heather and Kate discuss:

  • Why the pinnacle of success in yoga and Ayurveda is to be prepared for the moment of death 
  • Whether family history predisposes us to the same diseases our parents have 
  • The extent to which should we keep people alive when they are dying 
  • Making a decision NOT to fix something on your body, and why some people choose to forego a medical intervention 
  • Why we think our bodies are supposed to be perfect 
  • How people in the 20s, 30s, and 40s exercise 
  • Why people have more sleep challenges as they get older 

Heather Grzych is the author of The Ayurvedic Guide to Fertility and the host of the Wisdom of the Body podcast. A board-certified Ayurvedic practitioner, she teaches the Regenerative Fertility Method to support future generations worldwide. Heather is on the board of directors for the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) and has been a consultant for doctors, governments, and insurance companies. She offers virtual consultations and programs worldwide.  

Kate O’Donnell is a nationally certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, senior yoga teacher, and the author of multiple Ayurvedic books including The Everyday Ayurveda Guide to Self-Care and The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook: A Seasonal Guide to Eating and Living Well. She studied in India for twenty years and continues to travel there annually for study. She is a contributor to many publications including Yoga Journal, Women’s Health Magazine, and NPR. She teaches trainings, cooking classes, seasonal cleanses, retreats, and online programs when she isn't practicing yoga or having a chai. Kate’s Ayurveda offerings aim to help others come closer to their true nature. She is based in Portland, Maine and teaches internationally.


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