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Wisdom of the Body

Oct 21, 2021

Listen to Kori Hahn, the author of Rituals of the Soul, explain to Heather how you can find your intuition through connecting with “the soul behind the wall” and how it creates a guidance system. Learn why intuition is your way of perceiving the world through the lens of your soul, how your soul guides you back to your truth, and the importance of creating rituals to find your soul. Sit with what you are feeling in your emotional body, and learn why prayer, trust and sacredness open you up to miracles.

In this episode, Heather and Kori discuss:

  • What exactly intuition is
  • The layers to get to the soul, or atman
  • Dark night of the soul
  • Yogic philosophy, and its importance in a world with declining religions
  • Why the yamas and niyamas of yoga are helpful for self-development in the modern world
  • Rebecca Campbell’s book: Light Is the New Black: A Guide to Answering Your Soul's Callings and Working Your Light
  • Getting turned off by religion
  • What happens to us when we doubt our system
  • How to trust in the universe and be open to whatever shows up tomorrow
  • Why to answer the question, “Who am I?”
  • The pros and cons of listening to a meditation app
  • Whether guided meditation is really meditation
  • Living in the US vs. Sri Lanka
  • The dark side of convenience
  • How to give up your ego


Kori Hahn is the author of Rituals of the Soul, and the founder of a community gathering place called the Santosha Society, which is dedicated to travel, surfing, and the soulful. She hosts numerous trips around the world for hundreds of women who study Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, and all things related to soul growth, knowledge, and fulfillment. When she isn’t traveling, she divides her time between Sri Lanka and Southern California. 

Heather Grzych is the author of The Ayurvedic Guide to Fertility and the host of the Wisdom of the Body podcast. A board-certified Ayurvedic practitioner, she teaches the Regenerative Fertility Method to support future generations worldwide. Heather is on the board of directors for the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) and has consulted with doctors, governments, and insurance companies. She offers virtual consultations and programs worldwide.  

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