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Wisdom of the Body

Dec 2, 2021

Listen to America’s only dual fertility expert and virologist, Dr. Cindy Duke, discuss with Heather why fertility and reproductive health are in flux, and what that means for both women and men. Dr. Cindy discusses a virologist’s perspective on immunity and fertility, and why so many people are misinformed today about their health, immunity and reproductive health. She discusses some of the social factors involved in fertility, and for someone asking, "Should I have kids?" This is part one of a two-part series with Heather and Dr. Cindy.

In this episode, Heather and Dr. Cindy discuss:

  • Why we are seeing more men get involved in the reproductive health narrative
  • Change being caused by having more women in clinical, hospital, research and femtech roles
  • How reproductive health extends beyond making babies
  • Why so many physicians are not familiar with the many forms of PCOS, and why there’s not one diet or hormonal fix for all cases
  • The ethical considerations around having kids, including what an antinatalist is
  • How the environment and climate change are being factored into so many people’s decision to have kids or not
  • The rumored rift between Prince Harry and Meghan and Prince William on what number of children is OK to have if you are concerned about the planet
  • What the studies have shown so far on fertility and SARS-COVID-2 and vaccination, including how sperm counts peak following vaccination
  • Why there’s a split between conventional and functional medicine
  • The need for more science literacy and health literacy


Dr. Cindy M. Duke, MD PhD FACOG, America’s only dual Fertility Expert & Virologist, is a highly accomplished Johns Hopkins and Yale-trained physician, scientist, entrepreneur, blogger, podcaster, motivational speaker, philanthropist, content creator, and influencer who speaks and writes about issues as they relate to life, health, fertility, female empowerment, and international telemedicine. The Physician Founder, Medical and Laboratory Director of the Nevada Fertility Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dr. Cindy has a very engaged social media presence with a monthly audience reach of over 250 thousand, across multiple platforms, where she is a highly regarded influencer. Her Hobbies include: Gardening, Photography, Baking, and Writing Poetry. 

Heather Grzych is the author of The Ayurvedic Guide to Fertility and the host of the Wisdom of the Body podcast. A board-certified Ayurvedic practitioner, she teaches the Regenerative Fertility Method to support future generations worldwide. Heather is on the board of directors for the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) and has consulted with doctors, governments, and insurance companies. She offers virtual consultations and programs worldwide.  

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