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Wisdom of the Body

Jun 30, 2022

Listen to AmarAtma Singh, a grief coach, discuss with Heather the surprising impact of talking about grief, the ways in which grief hits us, and what we can do about it. AmarAtma explains why effectively dealing with grief is one of the ways we can reclaim humanness. We discuss all the forms of loss: loved ones, money, property, functioning, autonomy, relationships, even losing things we’ve never had. Go fearlessly into your grief because the body will share the truth.


In this episode, Heather and AmarAtma discuss:

  • What grief is 
  • How grief comes with several other emotions at the same time 
  • Emotion phobia 
  • Face, Embrace and Release Model
  • Hopes, dreams and expectations loss 
  • How the degree of a loss can change the way we experience grief
  • Emotional resilience 
  • Why being told to “man up” and “push through” may not be the best thing to do when it comes to grieving
  • The risks of suppressing instincts
  • Why you can’t think your way through grief 
  • The need to move the unresolved feelings 
  • How we know if we’re dealing with our grief well
  • How we become what we avoid wanting to become 
  • Importance of asking yourself “who am I if I’m not protecting?”
  • The strength of the human spirit
  • The importance of doing advance directives and taking time to have deep and uncomfortable conversations
  • What grief feels like 
  • Anticipatory grief
  • Grieving something you haven’t had yet
  • Why we hold onto grief
  • What happens when we let go of grief


AmarAtma Singh is a Grief Coach with advanced certification as a Grief Recovery Specialist. He has spent the better part of the last decade helping hundreds and thousands of grievers in both 1:1 private coaching along with emotional and spiritual care as a board-certified Chaplain in the Acute care hospital setting. 

Heather Grzych is the author of The Ayurvedic Guide to Fertility and the host of the Wisdom of the Body podcast. A board-certified Ayurvedic practitioner, she teaches the Regenerative Fertility Method to support future generations worldwide. Heather is on the board of directors for the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) and has consulted with doctors, governments, and insurance companies. She offers virtual consultations and programs worldwide.  

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