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Wisdom of the Body

Aug 31, 2023

Listen to author and Ayurvedic wellness expert Heather Grzych discuss why we humans always seem to want what we can’t have, and what we can do when it’s driving us crazy. She discusses the space element in Ayurveda and how giving something up and embracing space can act as a catalyst for benevolent surprises.

Aug 18, 2023

Wellness expert Heather Grzych interviews Harvard-trained clinical cardiologist, mindfulness meditation teacher, and organizational well-being and resiliency leader Dr. Jonathan Fisher about the mind-heart connection, and fun facts about the heart, such as how we influence each other’s heartbeats. They discuss the...

Aug 4, 2023

Listen to author and Ayurvedic practitioner Heather Grzych discuss the disappointing transition that happens when we move out of the honeymoon phase, out of limerence, and what that’s all about. She discusses human connection via the heart and sacral chakras, and addresses what’s more important than love at...